Condo Approvals USA can help you successfully navigate the condo approval process at FHA and VA.  We are professionals who approach the process in a systematic and timely manner.  We have processed hundreds of approvals for condominiums across the country and we have a strong relationship and an excellent reputation with the FHA and VA.  We can help you to get your condominium complex FHA or VA certified.

  • Free Prescreen of Eligibility Requirements.  We do not enter into a service agreement with an HOA until the property manager/HOA is comfortable regarding its eligibility.
  • Money Back Guarantee.  Condo Approvals USA returns half the service fee if the condo cannot be approved.
  • Project Certification Signature.  Condo Approvals USA signs the Project Certification form required on FHA condo approval submission packages, not the property management company or HOA.